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Fast Food Outlets

February 18, 2014  by heroadmin  •  Case Studies


Spence Plumbing has proven experience installing, maintaining and designing the specialised plumbing requirements for fast food outlets and takeaway shops. With all the grease, cooking oils and food deposits produced daily by fast food outlets, there are many pre-treatment requirements that need to be met when installing plumbing and drainage systems in a commercial food setting.

We can provide a comprehensive array of services when it comes to the plumbing and drainage requirements for take away stores and fast food outlets. This includes adhering to any building code requirements and other local laws for take away stores and fast food outlets to responsibly dispose of any cooking deposits and waste water. Working with franchisee owners of international fast food brands we have developed appropriate commercial plumbing requirements for fast food outlets and food businesses in Brisbane including:

  • Installation of grease traps. This includes appropriate venting requirements for grease arrestors
  • Inlet and outlet pipework
  • Ice Maker plumbing and connection.
  • Appropriate drainage design of grease traps located close to the source of grease to avoid clogging.
  • Waste disposal including Insinkerators
  • Gas fitting for commercial kitchens including gas cook tops and deep fryers
  • Waste Bucket Traps in flooring and sinks
  • Hot Water System Installation, Servicing and Repair.
  • Public restroom plumbing including drainage, tapware, urinals, toilets and basin installation.
  • Backflow prevention measures
  • Other plumbing requirements including interior and exterior on-site drainage and
  • Preventative maintenance and servicing advice

Working in a fast food outlet environment demands a deadline driven approach. We can coordinate our work to best suit the needs of your business, including after hours work to minimise any downtime or disruption to your business.  Our recent work has included refurbishments of KFC stores which required an emphasis of efficiency and safety while keeping the doors open. Rest assured that with minimal disruption to your operating hours, your restaurant doors remain open while we continue to complete the job safely around you.

For all your specific retail food businesses in Brisbane and south east Queensland, Spence Plumbing can look after all your plumbing needs for retail food businesses while providing the right advice on meeting the specific plumbing requirements for operating in this sector.