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February 18, 2014  by heroadmin  •  Case Studies

The Spence Plumbing team have experience working with installing plumbing systems for both office buildings and residential complexes. With our experience working alongside builders and other tradespeople we have the necessary project management skills to coordinate a complete plumbing solution – right from the intial design to the final installation – and everything in between.

Our recent work on an aged care facility in Brisbane required our commercial plumbing team to develop an efficient, reliable and smartly designed plumbing network for a large scale development of more than 70 residences.

The complexity on these kind of projects required design considerations to reduce wastage, blockages and ensure consistent flow and supply of water throughout the plumbing network. These included:

  • Initial plumbing design to best suit floor plan of the development.
  • Site Preparation including pipe laying
  • Roof Water Catchment, diversion and reuse design.
  • Hydraulic Equipment, pump machinery
  • Stormwater Discharge, Reuse and Retention Treatment
  • Fire Hydrant and Hose Reel systems onsite.
  • Kitchen and bathroom plumbing connections and fittings
  • Gas fitting and gas system design
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Installation of Water Saving Devices
  • Site Drainage for both the interior and exterior of the property

When it comes to refurbishing, repairing or servicing existing plumbing systems in multi residence apartments, we understand the need to work alongside occupants and body corporate in residential complexes to minimise any disruptions. The dedicated approach we take includes safety first while maintaining a deadline driven approach.

For new development or maintenance plumbing, we can provide a comprehensive plumbing solution for multi office complexes, apartment buildings and other residential facilities.